Company Philosophy

GUNZE Environmental Charter

As part of the global community, we at Gunze are fully aware of our responsibility to safeguard the earth and its resources for future generations. Gunze is a responsible corporate citizen committed to building a prosperous global society that enjoys sustainable development. To support our efforts, we will actively address environmental issues to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and implement necessary measures to improve and maintain the environment. In accepting our social responsibility to help solve environmental problems, we have established a basic environmental philosophy and determined action guidelines.
Basic Environmental Philosophy

Basic Environmental Philosophy

Through the development and production of environmentally sound products, we aim to help build a prosperous global society that lives in harmony with the environment.

Guidelines for Our Conduct

1.Our efforts will be directed toward minimizing the environmental impact of all our corporate activities.
2.We will not only comply with all related laws and regulations, but will strive to upgrade the level of our environmental management by establishing internal voluntary standards.
3.We will promote energy and resource conservation.
4. We will reduce waste, and promote the recovery, recycling and compression of waste.
5.We will promote research and development of environmentally sound products as well as manufacturing and environmental technologies to lessen the environmental impact of our activities.
6.We will implement programs to increase the environmental awareness of our employees, and we will encourage them to cooperate with and contribute to the environmental conservation efforts of local communities.
7.We will advance environmentally conscious practices, and will promote the transfer of environmental technologies to our overseas operations.
8. In the event of an environmental accident, we will immediately take action to redress the damage.